Should we do a first look for our wedding?

Wedding Day First LookIn recent years the first look (or reveal) has become almost as traditional as not seeing each other before walking down the aisle! At least half of our couples opt to see each other before the wedding for several reasons:

Flow The day often will flow better if you see each other before the wedding ceremony. Once you see each other you can take all the family and wedding party photos earlier in the day then everyone is free for cocktails as soon as the ceremony is over.

Logistics If you’re getting ready in one place, getting married in another and having your reception at a third, it can work to your advantage to see each other first than travel together for the rest of the day. It saves on transportation costs and you get to spend more time with your soon to be spouse and what’s better than that?!

A moment alone  The first look is arranged so that it’s just the two of you. No family or others allowed! OK occasionally we spy bridal party members or family peeking around a corner or from a higher vantage point, but really we want it to be a genuine moment between the two of you. We’ll put you in pretty light, a nice location and let you have a moment. Sometimes getting ready on the wedding day can be a little stressful and seeing each other is a wonderful relief.

Pretty pictures  Even though the first look is not something that would happen organically on your wedding day, we do our best to make it feel like it is. There is no much better than the pure emotion of seeing each other for the first time and it can make for some very sweet photos and some lovely moments! Sometimes they’re among the best emotional photos of the day.

And here are a couple of reasons not to:

Timing Sometimes there just isn’t time in the day. Early ceremonies or church services often don’t allow for the time for a first look.

Tradition You may just not want to see each other before the walk down the aisle! That’s great too. We never try to talk anyone who feels strongly about keeping with tradition into a first look. Just remember to factor in time for your portraits, family photos and wedding party after the ceremony and into the cocktail hour.

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Wedding Day First Look


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